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Our approach in making the world a better place is to provide you with the IT framework coupled with your website to encourage people to make a lot more donations there.

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Fundraising by getting people to donate via the website is quite a challenging yet critical ongoing mission for the charity.

There are many difficult questions to address

Having the solution in place in answering which would release the money hidden behind them.

Our high-tech innovation is specially designed for this

It is based on the principle of reciprocity.

People should get a fair reward for the kind things they do

< treating the people the way they would appreciate >

Let's make it desirable for donors to promote your charity

< by emphasizing good emotions and enriching positive feelings >

The donor receives public gratitude highlighting the impact, value, and specific use of their donation.

For the donor, your charity is a valued and respected organisation and to receive a good word from you is very pleasant. Especially touching is that they see you have put their own name on the main page of your website.

Immediate reward boosts motivation

Providing person with this as soon as they made a donation means they receive a reward right away.

Provide donors with the possibility to share this information with their friends who will see the same customized website home page.

Facilitating sharing with their friends on social media is important and donors would be proud to do so and grateful to you for this opportunity.

Customized links to your website that donors are proud to share

< website enhancement which makes all the difference >

The formula "Reward well, emphasize the impact and do it in public" is very effective, but up until now it was both difficult and time-consuming to apply it in practice.

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