a walk in the park

The great positive effect of technologies on human life is that they help us to make more time to spend with our loved ones. So we could use this time enjoying chatting, laughing, sharing life experiences with our friends and family. It is a especially pleasant if we can do it whilst admiring nature and getting our shopping done at the same time. Our system is the instrument for your customers to lose track of time enjoying purchasing goods in your Garden Centre.

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Our solution is specially designed to help Garden Centres to improve customer experience processes and therefore to achieve a massive increase in business profitability

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The quality of the service coupled with it's significance to the customers is determining the successful business model

22% profitability increase in the first year

< service your customers are dreaming about pays off >

Having this system in place will get you far ahead of the competitors

Dedicated Hosting
  • 20% increase in average spend per customer
  • 10% increase in the amount of visitors
  • 10% increase in the online purchaces
  • 70% decrease in amount of visitors queuing
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shh... let's admire the view

.. happy customers are walking around the centre holding just their phones in hands, smelling beautiful plants, chatting with their friends and buying, buying, buying..

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